Complete VIP Service

A truly exceptional vehicle brings truly exceptional benefits. Welcome to the Wagoneer Client Experience, a collection of dedicated customer care initiatives to help make your journey special. Whether shopping for the right vehicle or managing different ownership aspects, we invite you to discover what it means to own the All-New Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

Wagoneer Certified

Wagoneer Certified is founded on 10 promises that support you and your vehicle in many different ways. Our certified dealerships must adhere to a unique set of criteria to ensure you receive high levels of customer service, no matter where you are. With personalized assistance and communication, Wagoneer Certified dealers are set to deliver on every single promise.

Wagoneer Certified 10 Customer Promises:

• Provide a premium experience  at the showroom following premium standards.
• Provide a premium experience  at service following premium standards
• Staff dealership with fully trained Wagoneer ambassadors for both sales and service.
• Our dealership will ensure each vehicle sold and delivered to the customer with a full tank of gas.
• Wash and clean the vehicle inside out at delivery and after service and restore all customer settings.
• Offer remote showroom test drives and delivery  for sales and vehicle pick up and delivery for service.
• Our dealership will provide an appropriate courtesy vehicle for customer.
• Our dealership will provide convenient mobile and online vehicle service scheduling and communication for service customers.
• Provide a dedicated support utilizing Wagoneer client services, along with a dedicated road-side assistance 24/7 and complimentary maintenance for Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer customers.
• Provide complimentary Wi-Fi and phone charging stations and high-quality beverages and snacks at the dealership when your vehicle is being serviced.

Wagoneer Client Services

Upon entry to the world of Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, you’ll be cared for by Certified Wagoneer Ambassadors. You will enjoy exclusive benefits including up to 5 years of service, as well as the utmost care and dedicated support.


• Up to 5 years or 100,000km Service Package Coverage
• Dedicated Call Center Support
• Wagoneer Courtesy Program Available
• VIP Access to Select Events

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